Moving Still Group Show

Jun 2011

vue privee Gallery

My pieces were inspired by the Napoleon Dynamite movie.

  1. Dance, Napoleon - Life and dancing your ass off, Acrylic on Wood, $750

  2. Liger - Of Speed and Magic a liger brings, Acrylic on Wood Relief, $550

  3. Tina the llama - Tina can move, Acrylic on Wood, $550

"A group exhibition by eight distinguished artists, including a special video art commission by critically acclaimed film director, Glen Goei.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, its arguable that complex ideologies can be represented through a single image. On the flip side, in Moving Still, Vue Privee challenges Eight Asian-based artists, Aiman, Mr.B, Brendan Fitzpatrick, ClogTwo, Glen Goei, Jolene Lai, Kim Xu, and Sheryo, to turn this notion on its head. The artists reinterpret part of a dialogue or quote from a cinematographic frame into their own works of art.

The source of inspiration varies, ranging from scenes in Napoleon Dynamite, a three part Indie film by Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai, to a video recording by the obscure oprea singer Klaus Nomi. The artworks created are not mere replications of original photographic stills, but rather, unique interpretations expressed through a variety of media such as oil on canvas, mixed media on watercolor paper, and digital illustration to name a few."

Moving Still Group Show
Moving Still Group Show